The most important thing to remember when your vehicle breaks down is to stay safe. Please keep these safety factors in mind!

  • It’s dangerous to stand on the side of the road. Stay in your vehicle or find shelter, if possible.
  • Activate your vehicle’s emergency flashers.
  • Never stand between two parked vehicles.
  • Move your car off the road to safety even if you have a flat.
  • Carry a charged cell phone at all times.


Trailer Moves

Out of gas and need a refill?

DNO Towing can quickly deliver you fuel wherever you’re stuck.

Whether your vehicle takes diesel, regular, or premium gas, DNO Towing is always ready to deliver fuel to get you back on the road quickly.

​Vehicle Towing

DNO Towing floats are capable of moving Excavators, Loaders, Dozers, Rollers, Graders, Backhoes, Pavers, Tractor, etc. in and around the St. Thomas and Central Elgin area.

Gone are the days when most vehicles merely require a jack and a tire iron to change a flat tire. Some newer cars are even equipped with spare tires that must be inflated before installation. Other cars require installation of a special lug nut, without which you may damage your rotor. Call us to get your tire changed quickly and safely – without the hassles of needing special tools or accidently adding to any vehicular damages.

DNO Towing is equiqped for light to mid duty towing.

Our vehicle towing equipment is always properly maintained and ready to assist you when you call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Need a trailer or boat moved? Break down while towing a trailer?

DNO Towing has the capacity to moving any type of trailer like Office trailers and House trailers. DNO Towing can also move any Fifth-wheel and Gooseneck trailer.

Many newer cars and trucks should never be boosted by connecting it to another vehicle because a power surge from the alternator of the operable vehicle could cause damage to your systems, including your onboard computer, stereo and navigation systems.

DNO Towing always uses professional-grade power packs to deliver a controlled, direct battery-to-battery power boost to give your car the right juice to get it up and running.

Vehicle Recovery and Extraction


If you’ve been in an accident, our accident towing services are always available to help. The emergency roadside service technicians at DNO Towing will respond quickly, ensuring your safety and safely tow your vehicle to your desired facility.

DNO Towing is affiliated with all local police authorities. Request us next time your in need of a Tow. Not sure where to take your car? No problem. With our accident towing services, we will store it in our storage lot until you have an opportunity to contact your insurance company.

Roadside Fuel​

Used incorrectly, auto unlocks can cause expensive damage to your car or truck. For example, tampering with a door can result in the deploying of side airbags, damaged wiring and scratched door panels. DNO Towing’s operators are trained to service all makes and models, new and old. Trust the professionals at DNO Towing to get you back into your vehicle using only appropriate methods that will not damage your vehicle.

Tire Change


Stay Safe While You Wait

Accident Towing

Our professionals are trained to provide damage-free recovery and extrication services using equipment and techniques that ensure the safe removal of your vehicle. Whether in a ditch, a tree, or submerged in water, DNO Towing provides professional vehicle recovery services to safely get your vehicle unstuck.

Emergency Boost